Steve Jobs Lambasts Adobe And Google In Reported Rant

Popular tech website Wired has reported that Steve Jobs, the CEO of Apple Inc., has taken a shot at Google Inc. by citing Google’s mantra ‘Don’t Do Evil’ as rubbish, to use a slightly more acceptable term.

Adobe Systems was also on the receiving end of Steve Job’s wrath, as according to him, folks over at Adobe are ‘lazy’.

According to several reports cited by Wired, Steve Jobs made the alleged remarks just two days after unveiling Apple iPad, during a ‘town hall’ meeting with Apple’s employees at One Infinite Loop, Apple’s California headquarters.

An Apple employee, wishing to remain anonymous, told Wired that Steve Jobs, criticising Google’s decision of entering into the smartphone market with its Nexus One device, told his audience that “We did not enter the search business. They entered the phone business. Make no mistake: they want to kill the iPhone. We won’t let them.”

After, when an employee attempted to ask Jobs a completely different question, Jobs stirred back to the Google topic and said that “This 'Don’t be evil' mantra: It’s b*llsh*t.”

In addition, Jobs went on to criticize Adobe Flash, which still remains absent from the iPhone and the iPad. Jobs said that people at Adobe were lazy for not working towards the development of Flash platform despite having the potential to do interesting things.

Our Comments

If what has been reported is true, then we are about to witness a contest of Titanic proportions which will pit two of the biggest and most recognisable brands one against another. There's also some seriously bad blood between Adobe and Apple with the former being particularly silent on the subject.

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