T-Mobile To Get The Google Nexus One In The UK?

Deutsch-Telekom owned mobile network, T-Mobile, is in talks with Google to launch the Nexus One smartphone first in the UK and possibly in Germany according to Robin O'Kelly, the Head of Corporate affairs for T-Mobile UK.

T-Mobile has historically been Google's preferred partner in the UK, an alliance that goes back to a few years ago when Google was the launch partner of Web'n'Walk, the original mobile internet bundle launched by T-Mobile.

O'Kelly also confirmed earlier last week that the network, which is on track to be absorbed by Orange, will be launching the LG InTouch Max GW620, the Samsung Galaxy Portal and a 15-inch, Tegra-powered tablet.

Google had already announced that Vodafone would be selling the Nexus One and it looks therefore that there won't be any exclusivity deal as the phone gets launched in "early spring".

When we previewed the Nexus One back at the beginning of this month, we found out that it was an evolution, unlike the iPhone 2G when it was launched.

The phone comes with a 1GHz ARM-based chipset, a 3.7-inch capacitive touchscreen, a 5-megapixel camera with Autofocus and a LED flash, A-GPS, Bluetooth and WiFi. The phone is sold unlocked in the US for around £340, direct from Google.

Our Comments

We suspect that other networks in the UK will be getting the Nexus One as well. Google will be desperate to pre-empt the launch of the iPhone 4G as soon as possible and the iPad. But apart from the big four, will the likes of Virgin Media and 3 Networks get the Nexus One as well.

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