Virgin Media Offers Free Landline-To-Mobile Calls With A Catch

Virgin Media has announced that from the 1st of April 2010, its landline users will be able to make free phone calls to any Virgin Mobile handsets as it looks to convert more of its landline customers into Virgin Mobile users.

Only 10 percent of its four million or so landline customers use its mobile services which represents a mere 10 percent of so of its 4.1 million mobile customers.

Should another 25 percent of its landline customers move to Virgin Mobile, that would increase its total number of mobile subscribers to more than 5 million and suddenly make it bigger than 3 Networks (and a very attractive acquisition target).

Virgin Mobile, which is a MVNO of T-Mobile, will also try to attract new customers who want to save an estimated £1.6 billion spent on mobile calls each year in the UK.

Calls made to Virgin Mobile handsets will be free for the first 60 minutes and users will need to redial. As expected, the offer will be in line with its phone packages.

"Size M" customers will get free landline and mobile calls at the weekend while "Size L" will be allowed to do so over the evenings and weekends with the XL customers being given allowed to make as many calls as possible.

Our Comments

The Post Office Home Phone package did offer a similar deal, one which includes free line rental, inclusive evening and weekend calls to landlines and 0845/0870 numbers, a short contract, inclusive calls to Home Phone customers and inclusive weekend calls to UK mobiles and 40 international destinations.

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