£799 Optoma HD200X Projector + Optoma Panoview 84in Screen

The Optoma HD200X projector is specifically designed for 1080P High Definition Home Cinema and gaming. Optoma video expertise and Texas Instruments Digital Light Processing combine to produce High Definition images of breathtaking clarity with vibrant, perfectly balanced natural colour and outstanding detail.

The Optoma HD200X HD 1080p home cinema projector delivers the kind of picture quality associated with the best digital cinema performance around the world. With a digital HDMI signal you can create a true digital projection system that produces a spectacular Full HD cinematic experience in your own home.

A masterful collaboration of Full HD DLP technology from Texas Instruments and Optoma design produces a stunningly bright image with perfectly balanced vivid colour, crystal clarity and the exceptional light and shade detail only possible with a high ANSI contrast projector.

You can buy this product from Oyyy for only £799 including VAT and delivery.