Apple Still Having Issues With 27-inch Desktop iMac Computer Screens

Apple may be postponing the sales of the highly sought after big-screen 27-inch desktop iMac by around three months, with a new report claiming that the company has already halted the production of new units until it addresses the recently emerged hardware snags that rattled the computer.

Quoting an unnamed source, technology blog Hardmac is reporting that the Cupertino-based electronics giant has allegedly ceased assembling lines for the big screen desktop.

However, supplies of these large-sized desktops have been blocked for months, as the device has been affected by a couple of technical issues, including flickering screens and yellowish panels.

While industry sources are citing these technical glitches as the primary reason for delaying the shipping, the company has declined to comment on it.

Iterating the same, Hardmac quoted: “According to one of our sources, the company completely stopped the iMac 27" assembling lines. The production will not resume before Apple has finally found a reliable and definitive fix for the remaining past and new issues affecting those models.”

Nevertheless, the company has already taken steps to address the hardware issues, and along the same line has issued a new firmware update on Monday to tackle the problem of intermittent screen flickering.

The update is applicable for all 27-inch iMac and desktops, and requires Mac OS X 10 version 6.2 or later.

Our Comments

But one has to wonder why Apple is taking so long to solve what appears to be a minor problem. Let's hope that the firmware resolves the issue once and for all. Apple did release a firmware back in December 2009 that was supposed to solve that same issue.

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