Children Spending On Average 7hr30 Everyday online

According to a recent study conducted by the Kaiser Family Foundation, a leading US based welfare institute, it has been revealed that kids and young teenagers aged 8-18 years are spending around seven and a half hours online, on average in a day.

The study states that by using devices like iPods, smartphones and gaming devices, children are consuming almost consuming 10 hours of electronic content by the way of multi-tasking on the devices, which allow them to do several things at once.

The findings of the study are likely to worry many parents who may find their wards increasingly remaining inwards. The excessive addiction to internet is also likely to hamper the development of social skills in children and can also affect their health by keeping them from playing outdoors.

Expressing her views on the subject Michele Elliott, a leading child psychologist mentioned “When children are using these devices they are not communicating or interacting with anyone else They may be very good at texting but how do they do when they have to meet someone face to face?”

Some child experts also argue that children should be weaned away from the internet by parents and if necessary they should also restrict the time they spend on gaming consoles.

Our Comments

Many parents, in fact possibly the majority of them consider electronic devices as a proxy, a virtual guardian that keeps their children occupied, for much cheaper than taking on a proper nanny.

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