Cisco About To Break 120Gbps Per Slot Barrier

Oppenheimer & Co, a leading financial advisory firm, has announced that networking and communications technology and services vendor Cisco, is all set to roll-out a new carrier core router as next-generation upgrade to the 6-year-old CRS-1.

According to a bulletin issued by the financial consultancy, Cisco’s MSC120 router will support 120 Gbps per slot, allowing it to compete head-on with Juniper’s T1600 router which boasts 100Gbps per slot.

Oppenheimer believes that the MSC120 will support 12 to 24 slots with total throughput exceeding 2Tbps. The company has predicted that Cisco will unveil the router in a month’s time but the shipping of the router might be delayed by a year or so due to some AISC issues.

However, commenting on the possible delay, the company took an optimistic stand and said that “While delays of such magnitude are not positive, we believe they will have little to no impact on Cisco's financial performance. Most of the core network vendor decisions have already been made and displacements are very rare.”

Cisco Systems, the California based American multinational IT company, apart from making a stand in the field of designing and manufacturing consumer electronics, has established it self as a communication technology vendor with an impressive product portfolio.

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Cisco is also very eager to catch the right prey. They have been quite active over the last few months as they purchased Scansafe, Starent Networks, Tandberg and earlier last month Rohati Systems. Expect Cisco, which is sitting on a large stash of cash, to be even more aggressive in the next few months.

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