Google Chrome Rolls Out Chrome 5 For Developers

Just within a month after Google released the “stable” 4.0 version of its Chrome web browser, the search giant is pushing ahead for Chrome 5 instead of moving steadily by launching version 4.5, it has been reported.

The company has released Chrome version 5.0.307.1 for developers over the last weekend, and it was made available for Windows and Mac users.

The developers who have got the chance to try out their hands on the browser’s next iteration have claimed that it is poised to rate high due to the inclusion of some advanced security settings along with better stability and performance features.

The security settings of the first build for Google Chrome 5 has reportedly incorporated features to disable pop-ups or embedded images, as well as inclusion of dialog boxes for letting websites to use active plug-ins and Java Script.

The major changes in the browser’s setting have reportedly been brought in “Under the Hood” sections in the Options menu.

This further includes “Exceptions” list, which allows users to allow for running JavaScript on some specific sites. In other words, it would offer a kind of black list or white list for sites.

In addition, the Cookies tab, which earlier appeared in the Privacy tab in Under the Hood, has now been assigned a tab of its own. You can download the developer version of Chrome 5.0 here.

Our Comments

Arguably, everything you will be doing on the Dev channel will be at your own risks. Chrome 5 is not for the light-hearted but we haven't yet encountered any serious problems with it apart from the still monstrous memory consumption. With 30 tabs opened, my Chrome browser is consuming more than 600MB worth of memory.

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