Manc cops knobbled by Conficker worm

The Fuzz in Manchester have been unable to carry out vehicle or identity checks for three days after a hapless copper infected their system with the Conficker worm, probaly carried on an unauthorised USB drive.

The bug first hit the Greater Manchester Police's system on Friday, according to the Manchester Evening News, and was only fixed late last night after IT monkeys slaved away to clean up the mess for three whole days.

The bug was so rampant, the force was ejected from the Police National Computer while it cleaned up its act.

Internet connections and e-mail accounts were also killed off by the well-documented virus, which also struck Manchester Council in February costing tax payers an estimated £1.5 million to sort out.

A spokescopper told the Eveniing News: "We are investigating how this has happened and will be taking steps to prevent this from happening again."

Cops had to call colleagues in neighbouring forces to carry out PNC checks, the report reports.