Microsoft To Launch Zune Phone At Mobile World Conference?

Spanish language blog, MuyComputer has claimed that Microsoft is all set to reveal its highly speculated and still unconfirmed Zune Phone at the Mobile World Conference, taking place in Barcelona this month.

The blog reported that the announcement will be made by Microsoft along with Nvidia, which is expected to power the Zune Phone with its revolutionary Tegra system-on-a-chip processor.

The news was reported by leading technology site, Gizmodo, which spoke to the editor of MuyComputer, Javier Perez Cortijo, who said that according to highly placed sources in Nvidia, “it is 100 percent confirmed” that Microsoft will present the smartphone during the Mobile World Conference in Barcelona.

The Zune Phone, whose existence has not been confirmed by Microsoft, has been the topic of much speculation over the past few weeks, with mock-up photos of the device being released all over the internet.

Several industry experts are of the opinion that the ‘Zune Phone’ will actually be a smartphone running on the mobile version of Microsoft’s Windows 7 operating system with Zune software installed, just like the iTunes software on the iPhone.

Gizmodo also reported that according to MuyComputer’s highly credible source in Nvidia, the Windows 7 smartphone will sport a 480 x 272 screen with HDMI video out support and weight around 2.45 ounces.

Our Comments

We will obviously be covering MWC from the 15th of February and should Microsoft launch a Zune Phone over there, it will be a massive, massive surprise. Microsoft needs to launch Windows 7 Mobile soon or risk getting distanced by Android, iPhone OS or Blackberry OS.

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