Nokia Forces Nav4All To Stop Giving Away Free SatNav

Dutch Navigation outfit Nav4All has announced that it has called off its free navigation applications for smartphone devices, leaving swarms of users devoid of its handy services hitherto thrown in as gratis.

In fact, the company has been forced to pull shutters on its free navigation services, as its data licensing agreement with NavTeq, a Nokia subsidiary, hasn’t been extended.

In a sobbing letter to its users, Nav4All’s chief executive Hennie Koerkamp mentioned that the pull down of the services was attributed to Navteq’s refusal to extend the data license agreement in an “unexpected manner”.

“It is not possible to implement data from another supplier in our Nav4All systems within the short term. The Nav4All navigation system was developed for Navteq data. Nav4All has therefore been constrained to stop”, he added.

The move perhaps has a strong relation to the Nokia’s recent announcement of offering free mapping services to all its smartphone users.

The freebie Tracking and Tracing app from Nav4All has garnered a substantial user base of 27.5 million users in a span of just five years.

Available in 56 different languages, the service also has compatibility with a slew of present day smartphones, including those from HTC, Sony Ericsson, LG, Motorola, Samsung, iPhone, and even the iPod.

Our Comments

Nokia surely stopped Nav4All from doing business for its own free Satnav application to prosper. No competition is always better than some competition. As phone manufacturers are fencing their own platforms, it is likely that Nav4all will be acquired by a major player. Microsoft perhaps?

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