Nokia N900 Smartphone Gets First Mobile Firefox Browser

Mozilla, the outfit behind the popular Firefox web browser, has rolled out the first ever mobile web browser version of Firefox, Firefox 1.0, for Nokia’s N900 smartphone, which is based on Maemo operating system.

Mozilla is also planning to introduce Firefox 1.0 web browser for Windows Mobile and Android platforms but obviously no iPhone for now.

According to the blog posted by Erica Jostedt of Mozilla PR, the mobile version of Firefox comes with a host of new and exciting features likes tabbed browsing and a function called Weave Sync, which allows users to synchronise tabs, history, bookmarks and passwords between desktop and mobile versions of the browser.

Firefox, the open source web browser offering from Mozilla, has become one of the most popular desktop web browser across the globe, that offers a wide range of free to use applications or ‘add-ons’ that enhance the functionality of the browser.

Industry experts predict that the mobile version of the browser will too surely change the structure of the mobile web browser market, which is currently dominated by Opera’s mobile web browser offering.

Interestingly, Firefox 1.0 will feature an add-on dedicated to the popular video streaming web site, YouTube. The browser currently is available in an alpha 3 version for users of Windows Mobile operating system platform.

Our Comments

The browser came just on time for the N900 which is just starting to be sold in the UK. As for competition, Firefox is likely to face only Opera with its Mobile and Mini versions. Google is unlikely to launch Chrome for anything other than Android.

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