Shuttle to unveil own-brand laptops

Cubic PC creator Shuttle has revealed its plans to unveil a new line of Shuttle-branded laptops in Europe next month. The new portables will be outed at the CeBIT show in Hannover from 2-6 March, and should be available to purchase a few weeks later.

The new series of laptops follows Shuttle’s big announcement at CES earlier this year, when its US wing revealed a new Notebook Ecosystem. Featuring standard-sized, replaceable motherboards, the Notebook Ecosystem will potentially enable local OEMs to easily get a foot in the door of the laptop market, which is currently dominated by just a few manufacturers.

However, Shuttle has a different plan in store for its European customers. Speaking to Thinq, Shuttle’s Tom Seiffert said that “there is a major difference” between the two announcements, as the company is also planning to produce its very own Shuttle-branded laptops in Europe.

“During CES, Shuttle US released the worldwide SPA and µSPA program, which means local OEMs and large retailers can order low-volume runs of custom-built notebooks,” explained Seiffert. However, he added that “our European branch now launches a Shuttle branded notebook series according to this new business model.”

Seiffert says that the final specs of the laptops are “still in discussion” but it looks as though there’s going to be a wide selection available. “We'll have solutions with integrated and discrete graphics,” says Seiffert, as well as “energy saving Intel/AMD platforms and different display sizes.”

In addition to the new laptops, Shuttle says that it also plans to unveil plenty of other goodies at the German tradeshow. These include some new additions to Shuttle’s staple mini-PC barebones range, as well as some new nettops and all-in-one PCs.

The company hasn’t officially announced when the new laptops will be in the shops, but Seiffert estimates that they will be “available a few weeks after CeBIT.”