T-Mobile kiss of life?

Monday 1 February was a pretty revolutionary day for T-Mobile UK. The date saw the network ditching all of its existing contract consumer plans. Gone in a flash are Flext, Combi and U-Fix, replaced with new Flexible Booster tariffs branded simply as low, medium and high user.

In a clear move to differentiate, monthly price points now range between £15 and £40 on 18-month packages, or between £10 and £35 for the same allowances on two-year deals. Previous high-end pricing points aimed at big-spenders (£50 to £100) have also been dropped.

The real kicker is the addition of a Flexible Booster, one free choice from exactly the same range is available with any of the plans. Customers pick from unlimited texts, 1GB of internet access, unlimited land lines, unlimited T-Mobile calls, or from a selection of international call boosters. The freebie can be toggled to any other choice once a month, and any extra boosters can be added for £5 each.

It’s not all wine and roses though and phone choice plays a part, it’s a rule of thumb that better handsets become available on more expensive plans. Some of these new plans ratchet up by £5 when a more expensive phone is selected, certain to cause grumbling as no increase is made to allowances.

Taken at face value the plans certainly offer an excellent return to customer, and the choice of bolt-on with every option is a big attraction. However, out of bundle call charges to any UK phone are expensive at 30p a minute. This will severely penalise anyone that underestimates their use, buys a £10 package for an unruly teen, or spends a month with the wrong booster applied.

This whole move is part of Managing Director Richard Moat’s plan to stop T-Mobile haemorrhaging customers. He’s certainly been the broom that sweeps clean, with any project not delivering an immediate return being scrapped. Flext and U-Fix were seen as needlessly complicated, and Combi plans needed to be tweaked with extra minutes to remain competitive, confusing sales channels as much as customers.

Originally published at OneMobileRing.com