10 eBooks To Learn More About Windows 7

With the growing popularity of e-book readers, it does make sense to get hold of an eBook should you want to learn more about Windows 7 or improve your knowledge of Microsoft's popular operating system.

We've rounded up some of the best eBooks on the market. Most of them are free and all have been written by top-notch Windows 7 experts. They are available as Adobe PDF files and the fact that they are positively tiny makes them easy to share (except for the paid ones of course).

For those just about to make the jump, there's the essential Windows 7 Product guide which explores the new and improved innovations in Windows 7. It is divided in three sections.

The obligatory "Introduction" which looks at the various editions available, "Windows For you", which examines how Windows 7 can be helpful to an individual user while "Windows 7 for IT Professionals" does the same process but for corporate users and system administrators. You can download the 63MB file direct from from Microsoft.

For IT Professionals and those looking to go a little further in mastering Windows 7, Microsoft released back in October a document called "Deploying Windows 7 : Essential Guidance from the Windows 7 Resource Kit and TechNet Magazine".

The eBook (6.5MB) is actually a selection of chapters written by industry experts and selected Windows 7 articles from the Technet magazine but all focus on how to roll out Windows 7 in an corporate environment.

Amongst the topic covered are Deployment Platform, Planning Deployment, Testing Application Compatibility, and 8 Common Issues in Windows 7 Migrations.

One of the contributors to the above, Mitch Tullock, a Microsoft MVP and lead author of Windows 7 Resource Kit, wrote an ebook called "What You Can Do Before You Call Tech Support" (4.0MB) and unsurprisingly delivers what it says on the tin.

It provides with some easily solutions for common issues that users could encounter when working with Windows 7. It even includes something about " a funny burning smell is coming from your computer" and encourages computer users to use their brains and their five senses rather than lose their hairs (and time) with customer support assistance.

Another Microsoft MVP who specialised in Windows Desktop Experience and is the resident blogger at, Vasu Jain came up with an e-book earlier last month, entitled Windows 7 : Tips & Tricks and is presented as "a compilation of over 50 tips and tricks about Windows 7 to enrich the desktop experience, and an added bonus section for Windows 7 applications."

The book (5.8MB, PDF) targets those that have some experience with the Windows 7 platform and want to further their understanding of the operating system.

Well known blogger Chris Pirillo has also published a Windows 7 ebook but unlike the others on the list, you have to pay for this one, albeit only $7.

He compiled a list of 73 Windows 7 themes, although some of them like accessibility features, were divided into several chapters.

Two other recommended eBooks from Microsoft on Windows 7 (ed : they are actually sample chapters) are Windows 7 Step by Step and Windows 7 Inside Out. The first one is for novices who want to learn about Windows 7 at their own pace. The two chapters proposed are "Explore Windows 7" and "Navigate Windows and Folders". The second book delves into much more details and is considered by many as the definitive resource for administering Windows 7. The two chapters on offer are "Support Users and Remote Assistance" and "Deploying IPv6".

Our two last choice of Windows 7 ebooks have been written by enthusiasts keen to share their knowledge about the newly-launched platform. The "Ultimate Windows 7 eBook" by "Oliver", the founder of Windows7Themes, is only 15 pages long and doesn't really live up to its pompous title. It is nonetheless an interesting approach as it provides with some straight solutions for common problems in a task-based approach.

Other noteworthy Windows 7 e-books include Windows 7 Guide - Deploying Windows 7 from A to Z (Microsoft), Your Guide to Windows 7 (Microsoft), The Windows 7 Implementation, Planning and Design Guides (Microsoft) and Windows 7 Tips and Tricks (Microsoft Partner Network).