Apple Releases iPhone OS 3.1.3

Apple Inc. has dished out a software update for its iPhone and iPod Touch device that deals with several security vulnerabilities that are currently affecting the popular devices.

The iPhone OS 3.1.3 firmware released on the iTunes store by Apple yesterday brings a whole bunch of updates for the devices including some key improvements, security patches and bug fixes.

The software update, the first ever since September 2009, includes five security fixes related to CoreAudio, Recovery Mode, ImageIO and WebKit.

Incidentally 3 of them are categorised as ‘arbitrary code execution’, which means critical vulnerability in Apple terminology. With this software update Apple has tried to comprehensively tackle most outstanding issues on its two multi-million selling products.

According to some industry experts, the patch for CoreAudio is designed to protect the device from ‘maliciously crafted’ audio files that are capable of terminating programs or executing a harmful code whereas the ImageIO patch provides protection from dubious TIFF images.

Apart from fixing these severe security vulnerabilities in the iPhone and iPod touch device, OS 3.1.3 allows an improved battery level for iPhone 3GS and also tackles a bug that is reported to cause a crash whenever a Japanese Kana keyboard was used.

Our Comments

This is a minor, maintenance upgrade by all counts and all eyes will now be looking towards the month of June 2009 with the forthcoming launch of the iPhone 4G. We wouldn't expect another update to come between now and when the next iPhone will be launched.

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