China claims most-hacked status

A senior Chinese online security official has claimed that China suffers more foreign cyber attacks than anywhere else.

And he said most of the attacks on Internet users based in China that came from abroad originated from the United States.

"It is very serious in China," Zhou Yonglin, deputy chief of the operations department of China National Computer Network Emergency Response Technical Team (CNCERT) told the Xinhua agency, the China Daily reports.

In 2009, 262,000 IP addresses in China were hit by trojans from nearly 165,000 overseas IP addresses, Zhou said. And most of those were in the US.

"Those from the US ranked first, accounting for 16.61 per cent," Zhou said, citing a Symantec report published last April. Zhou said China had more zombies than anyone else on the planet. And most of them were imported from the USA.

For good measure Zhou also wanted to know if Google had been hacked in China, why hadn't it reported the attack to CNCERT?

"We have been hoping that Google will contact us so that we could have details on this issue and provide them help if necessary," he said.