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Citrix Systems Demos Desktop-Like Nirvana Phone

Citrix Systems, a leading virtualisation software vendor, along with Open Kernel Labs, a developer of embedded virtualisation software for mobile phones and broadband Internet devices, have jointly developed a ‘Nirvana Phone’ reference model, which will allow users to access mobile applications and office desktop productivity tolls from a single platform, using virtualisation technology.

According to the joint press release issued by the companies, ‘Nirvana Phone’ reference architecture will enable customers to access their corporate virtual desktops and business applications easily from a single device.

The ‘Nirvana Phone’ will be capable of providing support for docking into full-sized display monitors, keyboards and mouse along with other input/output computer hardware that will enable users to access their virtual systems from anywhere they want.

The concept of the ‘Nirvana Phone’ is based on Mobile-to-Enterprise virtualisation software technology and several key technologically advanced functionality like mobile virtualisation, cloud computing, 3G, Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connectivity. The architecture of the ‘Nirvana Phone’ also incorporates full resolution video and High Definition quality output.

Steve Subar, President and CEO of OK Labs, commenting on this highly sophisticated piece of technology, said that “The nirvana phone will provide groundbreaking capabilities without breaking IT budgets with exotic technology.”

Our Comments

The Nirvana Phone is really just a proof of concept but an exciting one and realises one of our older deams, making desktop experience readily available wherever you are, whenever you want it, at a budget. Citrix is likely to propose it as a solution rather than as a device. Surprised to see that Citrix has developed it so long ago.

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