Commvault Releases Cloud-Compatible Storage Solution

CommVault Systems, a company that specialises in data and storage management software, has unveiled a connector for its corporate data back up software, which will link the software to the "cloud".

It will allow customers to effortlessly move their data to cloud services such as Amazon’s Simple Service Storage, EMC’s Atmos and Microsoft Azure.

The company announced that the connector technology is specifically designed for its Simpana data management software, which will provide integrated access to cloud storage services by treating cloud storage services like any other storage medium.

Apart from giving access to cloud storage, the connector will enable Simpana to de-duplicate and encrypt data before sending it into the cloud and enforce policies related to retention requirement in the cloud platform.

The technology being offered by CommVault is based on Application Programming Interfaces (API) from cloud storage service providers such as Amazon, Microsoft, EMC and Nirvanix to connect its back-up and data software to their cloud storage systems.

Jeff Echols, director of CommVault's cloud products, commenting on the services offered by the technology, said in a statement that “The cloud just becomes another target for the Simpana software.”

Our Comments

With the help of the connector, Simpana software will offer customers a single interface, which will enable them to manage all copies of their data, regardless of whether it is located locally, in branch offices or on cloud-based services.

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