Google Quietly Introduces Multitouch Support For Nexus one

Google has rolled out an official software update for its newly launched Nexus One smartphone, which will now sport multi-touch capabilities after the update is carried out.

The multi-touch capabilities, which were earlier missing from the smartphone, will now allow Nexus One users to pinch the screen to zoom while using the Google’s browser, gallery and maps applications.

By adding this feature, Google’s Nexus One joins the ranks of Apple’s blockbuster iPhone, which offers smooth and interactive multi-touch capabilities to its users. The software, will also add updates for the phone’s 3G connectivity and Google Maps feature along with Google's Googles application.

The fix for the phone’s 3G connectivity will help users, who have experienced minor glitches in connectivity, to sort the problem out, according to a blog posted on the Nexus One blog.

Google Maps will be updated by Google Maps 3.4 which will allow users to synchronise starred items with and offer night mode in Google Maps Navigation along with other things.

Interestingly, the Google Googles feature, which was first showcased in December 2009, will allow user to perform a visual search of the photo clicked by user from the phones camera. The update will be gradually provided to users over the air by the company.

Our Comments

The lack of multi touch capability was one of the bugbears that we criticised when we first had a look at it. This appears to have been solved now and we can only look forward with even more enthusiasm for when it will be launched.

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