Hitachi Data Systems Proposes Cashback Guarantee On Storage Promise

Hitachi Data Systems, a company owned by Hitachi Limited, has rolled-out a global service guarantee program under which the company has pledged to reimburse the customers if the reduction in storage capacity offered by the company is not achieved.

According to the announcement made by the company, it’s ‘Storage Capacity Reclamation Guarantee Program’ is an extended version of the ‘Storage Reclamation Service’, in which the company conducted an overall evaluation of the client’s storage environment, initiated data migration process and also used its advanced provisioning technology that allowed it to return unused storage blocks to a overall pool.

Under the reimbursement services being offered, the company will guarantee that its customers will be able reduce their ‘raw’ storage capacity by 50 percent when they shift from the default RAID (redundant array of inexpensive disks) technology to RAID 5 technology being offered by HDS.

Asim Zaheer, vice president of Corporate and Product Marketing, Hitachi Data Systems, commenting on the service, said in a statement that “While the economic forecast for 2010 is optimistic, we do not expect to see the drive to reduce costs to subside.”

If the customers are not able to reduce their storage capacity as per the target, the HDS will reimburse them the difference in cost between the guaranteed storage reduction and the actual storage utilization.

Our Comments

This is a very bold promise by Hitachi and one which could prove to be a marketing coup. It did provide them with some ample press coverage and that's something that money sometimes cannot buy. Unbeknown to many, Hitachi is one of the biggest companies in Japan with consolidated revenues of more than $100 billion, roughly twice the size of Apple and on par with IBM.

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