HP Rolls Out TouchSmart 600 Quad All In One Computer

HP has launched a new range of touchscreen computers - the TouchSmart 600 - based around Intel's latest Core i7 processors and come with up to 8GB DDR3 memory.

Users will be able to choose an Intel’s Core i7-720QM CPU running at 1.6GHz CPU or a 820QM clocked at 1.73GHz and pair it with up to 1.5TB storage space and a 1GB NVIDIA GeForce GT230M graphics card.

The TouchSmart 600 comes with a 23-inch full HD touchscreen capable display, a gorgeous, thin profile keyboard and mouse, both of them wireless. As expected, it comes with Windows 7 which means that it will support multitouch gestures like pinch-zoom and rotate.

HP has also thrown in its own user interface, the Touchsmart Home, as complementary UI. The base unit of the device is $1700 and customers can add a classy slot-loading Blu-ray drive and TV tuner (don't know whether it will support 2-channel recording).

There's even a HDMI/Composite inputs (which means that you could in theory use it as a monitor for your gaming console), five USB ports, a webcam, an optional remote control and a card reader. As for connectivity, the TouchSmart 600 comes with Wireless N, Bluetooth and Gigabit Ethernet.

Our Comments

All in one computers are still more a curiosity rather than a trend, which like netbooks, will sell millions of units. With its 23-inch touchscreen, HP is very well placed to compete with the competition hardly hitting those figures. There's a Sony Vaio with a 24-inch screen though that could provide with some competition to HP.

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