IBM Partners With Walt Disney On Eco-friendly Datacentre

IBM Corp. in collaboration with Walt Disney has unleashed a resource-efficient datacentre which is being exhibited at the Big Blue’s “Smarter Planet” exposition at the Walt Disney’s EPCOT Theme Centre Park in Florida, according to the Datacenter Journal.

The idea behind the initiative is to let people realise how modern technology has impacted their lives, even in spheres pertaining to routine activities. The company has put its signature modular datacentre in the exhibition and has more power than what is required to run the exhibit.

In a bid to showcase the notion of energy efficient planet, the surplus power produced by the datacentre is passed on to the World Computing Grid where it would be used for a range of purposes.

The EPCOT Theme Park, which has largely been associated with the exhibition of video gaming and other such related content, is now portraying a vision of Smarter Planet

It shows how technology would play a pivotal role in tackling myriad of modern day’s problems, like road traffic congestion, substandard local water supplies, as well as city crime.

Through the one “Runtime” game, visitors could enjoy an enthralling journey through the computer timelines, right from the age of Charles Babbage to the current epoch of the World Wide Web.

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The visitors to the park, through various games, would discover how mobile phones could be used for opening up bank accounts; or by switching off the light switches when no one is at home could save $286 in cash every year; or there’s only 11 percent of the money supply in the US is in cash.

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