Students using tech to cheat in exams

UK students are using technology to cheat in GCSE and A Level exams according to a report by education watchdog Ofqual.

The sneaky herberts are smuggling Internet capable devices into exam rooms and using the likes of Wacykpedia to complete tricky questions.

We'd like to know how many students failed their exams because they were given a bum steer by the notoriously inaccurate, publicly created information portal.

Ofqual said that cheating had risen from 2008 to 2009 by some six per cent, but was at pains to point out that the figure represents just 0.03 per cent of pupils taking exams.

Invigilators are fighting a losing battle against technology despite the availability of equipment which can detect banned devices like phones and MP3 players. Unfortunately, a whole new industry is growing up around the cheats as companies rush to sell products like hidden earpieces which can be used to listen to mobile phones and other concealed devices.

But it's not just the kids playing fast and loose with the rules: 88 invigilators, most of them teachers, were given slapped wrists for helping pupils to cheat.