Is T-Mobile UK Clearing Stock For Nexus One With Massive Android Sale?

Google original network partner, T-Mobile, has just slashed its tariff prices and introduced a new flexible booster scheme and looking closer, we couldn't help but notice that many Android smartphones were apparently discounted.

Which begs the question, is T-Mobile UK making some space for the Nexus One which should be with us by April and certainly before the end of June. Vodafone has already been confirmed as the first UK network to get the phone.

However, since the Nexus One won't be locked, it is likely that the second recipient of the Nexus One in the UK will be T-Mobile. T-Mobile's offer includes 100 minutes, unlimited texts and 3GB worth of data (three times more than for its non-Android phones) for as little as £10 per month for 24 months.

Customers will be charged extra for some models like (The phones on offer are the LG GW620 (or IntouchMax) for £76, the Samsung Galaxy for £71 and the G2 Touch at £126) but even then, T-Mobile's offer is genuinely good value for money especially when you take into account the total cost of ownership. The Samsung Galaxy Spica costs £255.90 at Pixmania while T-Mobile's deal costs £311 in total.

UK customers can already purchase the Nexus One direct from Google and expect to pay £362. We handled the Nexus One earlier this year and found out that "the Nexus One is, in fact, a refined HTC Android-based smartphone and faces significant competition from its own stock." You can read the preview here.

Our Comments

We'd be very surprised (and disappointed) if T-Mobile UK doesn't get the Nexus One over the forthcoming months. Oddly enough, the Pulse is not part of the deal possibly because the phone is no longer on sale for Pay Monthly packages which is strange given that it has just been launched.

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