Twitter Forced To Reset Accounts Of Phishing Victims

Easy-to-crack passwords are allowing cybercriminals to infiltrate online users’ accounts with tremendous ease, causing stern concerns for the website owners, and this time microblogging phenomenon Twitter has been faced with this particular issue.

Recent stride of phishing attacks on Twitter has prompted the website's engineers to reset passwords of some of its users whose accounts deemed to have been intruded.

However, the website refused to comment about the gravity of the problem, but stated in an email reply to press queries that passwords of only a small number of users were changed, according it has been reported.

Along the same line, the company said in a statement: “As part of Twitter's ongoing security efforts, we reset passwords for a small number of accounts that we believe may have been compromised offsite”.

A spokeswoman for the website noted that some of the users believed to have used their Twitter login credentials for signing up to some malicious third party apps which subsequently posted tweets to their accounts.

She further added: “While we're still investigating and ensuring that the appropriate parties are notified, we do believe that the steps we've taken should ensure user safety. We'll continue to provide updates as warranted at @safety and @spam”.

Our Comments

Twitter will be a particularly attractive target for criminals because it is a popular service and has the built in ability to create trusted relationships easily. With more Twitter apps coming forth, the chances of having dodgy ones is higher than ever.

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