Apple To Sell 8 million iPads By End 2011 Says Analyst

A report carried by AppleInsider, a blog dedicated to news related to Apple, has revealed that according to Needham & Company’s analyst Charlie Wolf, Apple Inc. is expected to sell 2 million units of iPad in 2010 and is also expected to sell 6 million units during 2011.

AppleInsider reported that in a notice issued to its investors by the company, Charlie Wolf said that recent market analysis indicated that iPad will sell 2 million units in 2010, of which, half the sales will come at the expense of the iPod Touch, as most people see the iPad as a bigger version of the iPod Touch.

In the note, Wolf pointed out the fact that the demand for iPods and iPhones got a boost only when Apple launched a ‘catalyst’ for each product.

The popularity and demand for Apple’s iPod music device picked up when Apple opened the iTunes Music Store and offering Windows compatible iTunes software in 2003.

The iPhone, on the other hand, saw meteoric rise in sales after the introduction of the App Store, an online store that offers applications for the iPhone.

According to past trends, Apple would have to add a catalyst to the iPad in order to boost it sale. The company might build on the existing infrastructure that was developed for iPod and iPhone devices along with iBooks store, to boost iPad sales.

Our Comments

If Mr Wolf's analysis turns true, we would have been right in predicting that Apple believes that the iPad is the successor to the iPod Touch with more people actually buying both the iPad and the iPhone. That would mean more revenues for Apple provided that it manages to give enough incentives to potential buyers to buy the item.

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