HD video coming to the iPhone

An eagle-eyed iPhone App developer has spotted some interesting information in the latest version of Apple's Software Development Kit (SDK) for the Holy Trinity of iDevices.

Dan L told Engadget that a dig around in the MediaValidator.plist preferences file suggests that a later iteration of the iPhone hardware will be capable of playing back - and perhaps even recording - video at 1280 x 720 at a single frame rate of 921,600 pixels per frame... which is 720p high definition to the rest of the world.

The device's AVC profile has also been stepped from 3.0 to 3.1 which also suggests 720p goodness on the horizon.

The iPhone has always been criticised for its not-quite-at-the-top-of-the-game cameras and this could be an opportunity for the Cupertino company to make up ground in the smart phone battleground.

HD video is definitely the next big thing in mobile communications so for Apple not to be in the thick of it would be very surprising.