Intel Preparing Next Generation Tukwila Itanium

After several delays, chip giant Intel has eventually managed to ship its long-awaited Itanium server processors, it has been reported. Codenamed as “Tukwila”, the company’s next generation server processor line-up is expected to offer double the performance of the existing “Montecito” chip.

Announced by Intel officials in a blog post on 2nd February, the latest range of 64-bit Itanium processor is pitched to present a slew of cutting-edge features and would be better off in terms of scalability, reliability, as well as virtualisation capabilities.

The launch of Tukwila processors has already been postponed many times in the past, most recently being May last year, when Intel officials noted they were taking additional time to bolster up the application’s scalability capabilities.

Official announcement for the official launch of Tukwila may come as early as on 8th February, when the chip maker has scheduled a press conference that will also include representatives from HP.

According to Intel’s blog post: “The launch of this Itanium mission-critical processor is part of a major push Intel is making into the server processor arena, with several announcements slated for the first half of the year”.

In spite of earlier postponements, Intel has reportedly laid down a six-year roadmap for its Itanium processor line-up, which involves the Poulson and Kittson, the expected successors of Tukwila.

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Itanium is by far the most ambitious Intel project for the last decade. It has been hailed since its launch in 2001 as Merced as a potential replacement for the traditional x86 family but has turned into what some call an industry wide joke. Tukwila for example was supposed to be released in 2007.

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