Libya must have access to Youtube

The Libyan people have as much right to watch teenagers ripping off a testicle in skateboarding accidents as do the rest of the world, according to international do-gooders Human Rights Watch.

The American organisation - which keeps a check on dictatorial governments and genocidal warlords by writing them very strong letters and getting people to sign petitions asking them to put down the rusty pliers and play nice - has demanded that Libya reinstate Youtube.

"Libya can stick its head in the sand and try to block the free flow of electronic information to its citizens, but the good news is we all know they'll fail," said a statement from the organisation.

To be fair, the Libyan government has also blocked access to a number of opposition party websites and is allegedly interfering with the free distribution of newspapers which don't support the current regime. Which is very, very naughty.

Colonel Gaddafi was not available for comment. His press secretary might've said, "He's busy right now watching that fat kid sing the Numa Numa song. He loves it. Would watch it all day long if he didn't have a country to run."