Skype Goes CD Quality With Soon-To-Be Released iPhone App

Skype, the popular VoIP service provider, has announced that soon, a Skype for iPhone app will be released which will be capable of making calls over the phone’s 3G network.

According to a blog posted by the company, the Skype app for the iPhone is being developed, keeping in mind Apple’s newly launched iPad tablet device, which has successfully generated some buzz among the folks over at Skype, who are busy reviewing the device and its technological specifications.

Commenting on the development process of the Skype app for the iPhone, the company wrote on the blog that ‘you can expect to hear more from us about Skype for iPad in due course.’

The reason that Skype is showing so much interest in Apple’s latest gadget is due to the fact the Software Development Kit (SDK), which Apple provides to developers, has upgraded for the iPad tablet device.

The new version, 3.2, apart from offering a host of new tools to developers, removes the restrictions on calling over 3G.

However, apart from Skype, several other VoIP vendors such as iCall and Fring claim to offer customers a chance to make calls over the phone’s 3G network, but according to Skype, its 3G calling app will offer customers greater sound clarity and fidelity.

Our Comments

Skype's success on the iPhone (and other platforms) would depend on the mobile network operators obviously. Apple doesn't really bother about voice calls for now unless it becomes a mobile phone network. As for Skype, its plans for world domination are going as planned it seems.

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