Another UK Convict Uses Facebook To Brag About Prison Life

Brendan Rawsthorn, a prisoner at the HM Prison Wolds in the UK, has been reported to be using a smuggled mobile phone for posting his photos and updates on popular social networking website, Facebook.

The inmate, who was convicted for arson in 2006, was using the phone to boast about his ‘easy lifestyle’ in prison, through his Facebook profile, which also contained photos of him sitting inside his prison cell.

The convict’s Facebook profile, which was under the name of ‘Brendan Blows’, described as a ‘down to earth jail bird’ who is ‘doing time for the Queen! Making money!’

Giving an insight into his surprisingly enjoyable prison life, the convict wrote on Facebook that “Made a nice chocolate cake today, I ate it all to myself! I now regret not sharing it, because I feel sick!.”

In another post he claims that “All day is playing on my PlayStation and listing to music with my feet up, drinking prison home brew. I was p****d!”

A spokesperson for Facebook, the word’s biggest social networking platform, said that the convict’s profile has been taken down by the website and added that if any Facebook user was using the website for an objectionable purpose, people should come forward and report the offending profile.