Apple Previews Cloud-based iTunes Solution

Apple Inc., has rolled out a new web preview feature for its iTunes store which indicates that the Cupertino based company is slowly and steadily moving the popular platform to the web.

The new feature, which was launched by the company on 4th February, will allow customers to skim through iPhone and iPod Touch applications from any web browser instead of the iTunes software.

Prior to this, people wanting to go through the apps offered on the store, were prompted to open the iTunes desktop software, which used to take ages to open depending on the media content stored by the user on the application.

But now, this new move will guarantee that customers who want to read app reviews won’t have to go through a tedious process of opening or downloading the popular desktop application.

However, this doesn’t mean that Apple is abandoning the popular desktop application that has been the author of Apple’s success story as it was the release of the iTunes store that had resulted in iPod’s and iPhone’s popularity.

iTunes desktop software, over the years, has emerged as a critical tool for media and device management on Mac and Windows computers. More importantly, iTunes is the only platform available to iPhone and iPod Touch users to manage their devices.