Facebook is most-popular mobile web site

Mobile Internet usage is accelerating, driven largely by the rise of smartphone devices, which are now used by one fifth of the total UK mobile subscriber base, according to new figures.

The first batch of data released under a new Mobile Media Metrics service complied for the GSM Association by ComScore, suggests that around 16 million Britons accessed the Internet from their mobile devices during December 2009, viewing 6.7 billion web pages and spending 4.8 billion minutes online.

While smartphone users represent just 29 per cent of the UK total mobile Internet audience, they accounted for 47 per cent of total page views, and 51 per cent of the total time spent online in December 2009.

Facebook emerged as the most favoured online destination for British mobile internet users. The social networking giant attracted nearly one-third of all UK mobile internet users in December last year, receiving 2.64 billion pages views during the month. Google's sites were the next most visited, followed by those of Orange and Apple.

Maybe we should change the name of our site to Banana.