Google To Introduce Store View For Street View

Barry Schwartz, the editor of Search Engine Land, has reported that search engine giant Google plans to add a new product in its Google Maps offering, called Google Store Views, which will allow users to check out popular shops and stores in a particular area.

Schwartz reported that someone at the popular retail store ‘Oh nuts’ had told him that Google representatives had come to their store in order to click photographs of the inside of the store, after every 6 feet in all the directions.

According to Schwartz, Google is developing Store View as an additional component for its popular Street View products, which allows users to checkout an area by looking at photos taken from a moving car.

Store View will allow users of Google’s Street View product to virtually visit a store listed on the Street View in order to see whether the establishment is to their liking or not. Several industry experts are of the opinion that Google’s Store View has the potential of emerging as a major e-commerce tool with very cool and interactive features.

However, the idea that images of major stores and establishments will available to virtually everyone in the internet, has raised some privacy issues and the fact that thieves and arsonists can use this feature to their benefits.