IBM Unveils Eco-friendly Project Green Data Centre

IBM is boasting its endeavours in new state-of-the-art datacentre management capabilities which would help businesses bolster up their IT operations while trimming the operational costs and energy consumption down.

Along the same line, the company has unleashed a new datacentre facility at Raleigh in North Carolina to epitomise the technology of keeping the datacentre resource-efficient while bolstering up its performance to a good extent.

Being a part of the Big Blue’s Smarter Planet vision, the datacentre has been designed keeping the cloud computing attributes at the centre, in a modular way that can be scaled with tremendous ease, along with bevy of magnificent features and energy-efficient capabilities, the company’s officials noted.

Developed by using the IBM’s much-hyped “Project Green” technology, the datacentre comprises of 60,000 square feet space for dispensing cloud computing along with other services, whereas another 40,000 square feet space has been provided for future developments.

Pat Kerin, the general manager for the company’s global technology services in North America, said in a statement: “This new facility not only sets new standards for energy efficiency, but provides the flexible capacity that allows IBM to deliver services that enable clients to reduce costs, improve productivity, and gain competitive advantage in their markets”.