iTablet finally tips up

Rugged PC maker X2 Computing has announced a new addition to its tablet PC range in the form of a thin box dubbed the iTablet

The iTablet range runs Windows, "offering a real alternative to users wishing to continue to use their existing Microsoft Windows-based applications," the outfit said in a statement today. "The iTablet will revolutionise the way that Windows users can access and use data on the move," the firm trumpeted.

The iTablet range will sport either a 10.2-inch widescreen TFT or 12.1-inch or widescreen XGA screen. Both feature touch and optional multi-touch technology. The device will be powered by an Intel Atom chip. Various flavours will be available but the company was unable to provide more details this morning.

Robin Daunter, Technical Director of X2 Computing said the device will run Windows 7. "The iTablet is extremely powerful with a vast array of features and data storage capacity and, what is more, it uses the well-received Microsoft Windows 7 operating system making it a more compelling proposition for users wishing to share data with their existing Windows-based systems and networks."

The iTablet will be powered by Intel Atom chips running up to 1.6GHz with 2GB of cache. It will deliver images at up 1024 x 768 resolution making it "an excellent e-reader" the firm claims. It will run Windows 7, Windows Tablet or Linux-based operating systems and come with 250GB of unspecified storage capacity.

The device will use an on-screen keyboard, sports built-in stereo speakers, up to three in-built USB 2.0 ports, and a built-in 1.3 mega-pixel USB camera. Optional HDMI output is also available to enable high quality playback of HD video through larger TV screens.

The iTablets are equipped with Bluetooth, optional 3G and GSM as well as built-in 802.11b/g networking.

X2 likes to point out that Flash animations can be played "to maximise the web browsing experience and enable access to websites using a choice of browser software".

"iTablet will empower users with unlimited technology and advanced multimedia access across multiple platforms without being restricted to exclusive content providers," said Jonathan Wharrad, R&D Director of X2 Computing. "This new breed of Windows-based computer takes design, functionality and solution fit to new and higher levels."

The range will be sized from 252mm x 192mm x 35mm and weigh from 1.18kg.

It will come in a range of solid and metallic colours including white, grey, pink, blue, red, yellow and black.

The first devices will be available in April.