Motorola Loses Fight Against RIM Over Email Patents

Motorola, the phone maker behind the popular Droid smartphone, has lost a patent infringement lawsuit to Research in Motion, which had been accused by Motorola of infringing patents related to email gateways systems.

According to reports, Judge Richard Arnold of London’s High Court, ruled in favour of the BlackBerry maker, saying that the company had clearly not infringed patents held by Motorola. Furthermore, the UK court invalidated the email gateway patent held by the American multinational.

Commenting on the ruling passed by the UK, a RIM spokesperson said in a statement that “Motorola has been trying to compensate for its losses in the marketplace and its inability to sell its mobile division by resorting to court actions that are designed to help negotiate unreasonable royalty rates.”

However, even if Motorola has seen defeat in the UK, the company plans to pursue five other patent infringement lawsuits it has filed against RIM with the US International Trade Commission, which has refused to acknowledge the invalidation of Motorola’s patent by the London High Court.

Motorola has been losing market share to Research in Motion for a long time now and had claimed the patent infringements after an agreement between the companies ended in 2007.