Name of AMD hexacore CPU revealed

Every now and then we get caught off guard by a tech company’s naming strategies, and we end up with bewildering names such as the GeForce GTX 480 and Core i7. However, AMD has decided to stick with expectations when naming its upcoming hexacore CPU, which a motherboard maker has confirmed will be called Phenom II X6.

The name was accidentally revealed by Biostar in a press release entitled "BIOSTAR TA890GXE Preview". The release describes the company’s forthcoming motherboard AM3, saying that it will form a part of AMD’s forthcoming Leo platform, and adding that it will support AMD’s "upcoming “Thuban” Phenom II X6 6-core processor."

We’re guessing that AMD’s legal eagles have already come down on Biostar like a tonne of chips, as the press release has already been taken down from Biostar’s website, leaving a page that says "no data." It’s not so easy to get all the republished versions taken down, though, and you can still find the press release floating around various parts of the Web.

As its name suggests, the new board will be based on AMD’s upcoming 890GX chipset, which Biostar describes as “basically an upgrade of the 790GX.” According to the company, the chipset’s integrated graphics core will still be clocked at 700MHz, but will now feature DirectX 10.1 support.

In addition to the new 890GX chip, Biostar says that AMD is also updating its Southbridge, which it describes as “an upgrade from SB750”. The TA890GXE will feature AMD’s new SB850 Southbridge, which Biostar says will add support for 6Gb/sec SATA.

Via NordicHardware.