T-Mobile USA sell-off

The Wall Street Journal has reported that Deutsche Telekom may be under further investor pressure to shift, or reorganise part of its T-Mobile business. Citing mysterious 'people familiar with the matter', the Journal concluded that the most likely eventual outcome is the selling off of a 20% stake in T-Mobile USA as an initial public offering (IPO), meaning a flotation on the stock exchange.

Very similarly, a 4th place market position and grumbling noises about making more money from shareholders including the German government and US private equity group, Blackstone, eventually led to the current merger proposal of T-Mobile UK joining with France Telecom's Orange UK holding. But not before a year of speculation that T-Mobile UK would buddy with Vodafone, O2, 3 or the Milk Marketing Board.

Now we can all contemplate similar US market consolidation, and a T-Mobile USA marriage of convenience to a competitor.

Originally published at OneMobileRing.com