£60 Samsung S2 500GB Portable Hard Drive Hi Speed USB

The new Samsung S2 Portable 500GB external hard drive is the new light weight and low power hard drive from Samsung . The exclusive USB on board technology reduces the lenth of the hard drive making this drive smaller than a Passport.

It allows you to expand your storage capacity, copy, save, delete and even run files straight from your portable hard drive in the same way you would from your PC hard-disk.

This ultra light, pocket sized hard drive is perfect for all your storage needs, allowing you to quickly and safely back up all your files where ever, when ever.

With half a terabyte of storage capacity you can make a movie theater, a music store, and an office of your own and take all of them with you for experiencing ultimate mobility.

This special edition also features a pre loaded full lenth edition of the film "Terminator Salvation". You can buy it from Ebuyer for £60 including delivery.