Apple Pays 27-inch iMac Owners For Defective Models, Says Everything Fine Now

Apple, the fruitiest of all tech companies, has issued a statement saying that issues associated with the screen of their popular and expensive 27-inch Apple iMac computers have now been resolved.

Two software updates have been issued, the first one updates the monitor's firmware to "address issues that may cause intermittent flickering" while the second one does the same for the ATI Radeon HD 4670 and 4850 graphics cards and "addresses issues that may cause image corruption or display flickering".

There have also been reports about buybacks being carried out by Apple for customers who have been hit by the problem. Gizmodo reports that the company is offering up to 15 percent of the suggested retail price extra plus a full refund (and a free pickup).

An Apple Authorized Service Provider/Reseller based in the UK told the tech news outlet that there was a backlog, as of Friday 5th, of more than 230 machines. Apple has yet to confirm this information or whether it will be extended to other territories.

The defective iMac saga has been going on for nearly 100 days and has been a persistent issue for Apple whose 27-inch model has suffered delays as a result. The iMac 27-inch screen was affected by various problems including flicker, tear and/or blackout.

Our Comments

There is a real danger for Apple that this whole thing turns out to be a PR nightmare. But Apple, being Apple, one can expect the company to display exceptional aftersales services for those being affected and the 15 percent premium buyback confirms that.

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