Worker's tweet leaves Vodafone red-faced

A would-be hack on Vodafone's Twitter account turned out to be an inside job, as a worker was suspended over an obscene tweet that got the company in a flap.

The doughnut employee, possibly of Vodafone's customer Twittering service centre in Stoke, livened up his morning yesterday by posting: VodafoneUK "is fed up of dirty homo’s and is going after beaver", on the company Twitter feed.

Vodafone was forced to immediately delete the tweet and issue an apology to its 8,600 followers.

But the dodgy missive was already retweeting, bouncing of the bars of Twitterdom like a flapping budgie in a cage.

Hundreds of Vodafone customers Twittered the company to ask whether its account had been hacked.

The mobile phone giant churned out a stream of apologies to individual twits, saying: "We weren't hacked. A severe breach of rules by staff in our building, dealing with that internally. We're very sorry."

A Vodafone spokesman later said: "This afternoon one of our male employees has posted an obscene message through our official Twitter profile. The employee has been immediately suspended and we have started an investigation. This was not a hack.”