Mobile Broadband Providers Being Dishonest About Average Speeds

Mobile phone networks need to come clean about the true speed one can expect to achieve when getting mobile broadband services instead of providing with "unrealistic claims" says Broadband Genie.

The broadband comparison website says that in 2009, the average mobile broadband speed was a mere 1mbps, a far cry from the 7.2mbps that some companies had promised to their customers.

The survey carried out over 6000 mobile tests also found out that a significant proportion of users silently suffered from a lack of major speed increases in 2009 while reported up to speeds shot up 3.6mbps to 7.2mbps across the board.

Broadband Genie editor Chris Marling went as far as imploring "the mobile broadband suppliers to be more honest with their customers when it comes to advertising."

Or he adds "do we have to end up with another situation where the government has to threaten the industry with legislation because they can't do the honourable thing without a hefty push?"

One thing is for sure, if the second option comes into force, it will be a truly self inflicted, own goal, one which they don't need for now. For once, we've found out at our expense that mobile broadband service fluctuates across the day and depending where you are.

Our Comments

One of the problems is that mobile broadband depends on a number of variables and factors which means that each user has a footprint that's made unique by the presence of other users as well within a particular area. Oh and those mobile checkers are next to useless from what we can say.

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