More Details Emerge About The X2 Computing's iTablet

British outfit X2 Computing announced on Friday that it would be shipping soon a tablet computer going by the name of iTablet, a clear attempt to surf on the celebrity wave of Apple's tablet computer, the iPad.

There are already more than 1.5 million iTablet results on Google and X2 computing is set to enjoy some great search traffic over the forthcoming weeks.

Apart from the pieces of information we gathered initially (see here), we learnt that, as for most laptops sold worldwide, X2 Computing's products are manufactured in Taiwan.

The Guardian actually found out that a company called Amtek was their OEM. Over there, you can get a tad more info about the battery life (at least three hours say the spec sheet), the fact that the battery is removable, that it comes with a 10/100mbps NIC and that there's even an input for your monitor.

Amtek will be presenting its tablet PC during the forthcoming Embedded World 2010 exhibition and conference which will be held in Nuremberg, Germany, at the same time as Cebit 2010 in Hanover.

X2 Computing, which specialises in providing computer gear to niche corporate markets, has yet to say how much the iTablet will cost (it launches in April 2010).

Our Comments

Unfortunately, based on comparable products, we suspect that it will be costing around twice the price of the iPad. Rival Motioncomputing sells similar tablet PC, albeit significantly more rugged and with a resistive touchscreen for a minimum of £1406 (Motion C5 and F5).

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