BT opens optical pipes to all

BT has said it will play nicely with other ISPs, letting them piggyback on its underground network of cable ducting, in order to get super-fast broadband into as many UK homes as possible.

The move has nothing at all to do with the fact that the Conservatives have made it clear that, if they get into power in May, they will make the UK Telco's life a misery if it doesn't.

The company is currently rolling out a £1.5 billion programme of cable laying throughout the UK which it says will be completed in 2012.

Currently, if a non-BT company wants to lay fibre optic cabling it has to dig another trench and lay its own ducts, which is why Britain's pavements are such an unholy (actually that should probably be holey) mess.

We can remember when it was all pristine paving slabs 'round 'ere.