Chaintech gizmo turns CF cards into SSD

If you’re looking to hitch a ride on the SSD cart, but can’t quite afford the necessary second mortgage, then Chaintech may have the answer to your storage woes with its new Apogee SSD Convertor.

The 2.5in box enables you to slot in two CompactFlash cards and use them as a single SSD. The device takes advantage of RAID, meaning that you can either stripe two CF cards together to form a single drive (RAID 0), or you can use one to mirror the other (RAID 1). You then just need to slot the drive into a 2.5in drive bay and hook it up via the standard SATA II interface.

Chaintech says that its CF box will enable you to achieve the "blazingly fast data transfer speed of conventional SSDs", but the claimed 55MB/sec read speed isn’t likely to have Intel quaking in its silicon boots. As a point of comparison, even Intel’s X25-M has a rated top sustained sequential read 250MB/sec, while other SSDs such as Corsair’s P-series have similar read speeds of 220MB/sec.

However, while this box of camera memory isn’t going to seriously rival the speeds of top-end SSDs, Chaintech points out that it’s still quicker than your average 4,200rpm or 5,400rpm 2.5in hard drives. For a laptop owner, this is potentially a cheap and easy way to get the advantages of solid state memory in terms of reliability, while also gaining a small performance increase.

Chaintech has also just announced its new range of Apogee CF 606X CompactFlash cards, which it unsurprisingly reckons are the ideal companions for the Apogee SSD Convertor. Available in 32GB and 64GB capacities, Chaintech claims that the cards have a rated read speed of 93MB/sec, and a write speed of 91MB/sec.