Details Of Windows Mobile 7 Emerge Days Before MWC

It appears that the details of Microsoft’s much-anticipated Windows Mobile 7 operating system have been leaked over the blogosphere just ahead of its reported official announcement at the Mobile World Congress (MWC) in Barcelona.

Although there has been no official word from Microsoft about the launch of the mobile OS yet, the company’s officials including Steve Ballmer have indirectly indicated that the mobile phones sporting Windows Mobile 7 could be released this year.

Industry sources are also suggesting that the software giant might end up unveiling the user interface at the MWC and will release the real functionality details on some other later date.

However, sadly for many who are accustomed to modern-day multitasking capabilities on smartphones might miss out on this feature on Windows Mobile 7 platform, it has been reported.

Amongst other leaked details, the interface of the platform will be quite similar to that of Zune HD, and its browser will incorporate IE 7 codebase with some elements of IE 8 in it.

The platform also appears to score high on entertainment part, as in addition to Xbox 360 integration, the platform will further offer seamless support for social networking platforms, like Twitter and Facebook.

Our Comments

User can install apps from the Microsoft’s signature Marketplace store only, and OEM interfaces wouldn’t be permitted on it. Which is a massive blow to the likes of Samsung or HTC who have managed to significantly enhance their handsets functionality through skins.

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