Google complains to Chinese lookalike

Google has complained to a Chinese copycat web site over its use of a logo that spookily resembles the one the US search giant uses on its own site

Google lawyers in China wrote to the Goojje web site, accusing it of infringing its trademark rights, local media report. Google says the use of the lookalike logo on the Chinese web site could lead users to think it is affiliated in some way with US company.

Google's lawyers insist the Chinese site stop using the logo by today, the Shenzhen Economic Daily reported. Google China was keeping quite on the matter.

Goojje was launched last month after Google issued its attention-grabbing threat to pull out of China.

Goojje resembles a mix of Google and its Chinese competitor, Baidu. A spokesman for the site told local hacks: "Exactly speaking, Goojje is not a search engine but a platform for finding friends."

Google last month issued a limp threat to quit China moaning that it had been penetrated by Chinese spooks. It prefers the US variety.