HTML5 video spotted in wild

We've seen the future of Web video and it has nothing to do with Flash. Internet software development outfit Jilion has posted what we think is the first HTML5 video and it works well enough to worry Flash fans.

Apple boss Steve Jobs has already very publicly announced that he thinks the Flash format's days are numbered, and it looks like the next generation of Windows mobile devices might not include support for the love-it-or-hate-it graphics and video tool.

But it's the new HTML5 iteration which could be the final nail in the Flash coffin.

Jilion has posted a video using its Sublime Video player which needs no browser plug-in and is not dependent on Flash to work. The toolbar allows you to jump anywhere in the video an it will start buffering at that point, so no waiting for the whole thing to download to watch the last five seconds.

The video has slick zooming transitions between windowed and full screen modes and smoothly resizes when you change the size of the browser window.

The software, which will be free to non commercial users, and supports Safari, Chrome and Internet Explorer (using the Chrome Frame) at the moment. Firefox support is planned for the forthcoming public release.